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Hardware Prototype


Touchy & Knocky - several innovation projects

I believe innovative techniques should give human, especially kids, better ability to explore nature and physical world rather than restrict them in the digital world. So most of the projects here are focus on tangible interaction. I have the intention to design for kids and seniors. Family co-playing and team collaboration are also what I would like to explore in this series of projects.

All of the projects here were designed and implemented by myself. These projects worked as prototypes and were use as technique probes (Minimum viable product) to validate ideas. So I did not focus on aesthetic, sorry for the pool quality of their appearance.


Touchy Puppy

This is a puppy (even through my painting looks like a piggy :D ), the more you touch it, the happier it will be.

The concept could teach kids to accompany more and show more love to others and animals.


Knocky lock

Pay attention to the bottom part of the the video. It is a lock which could be unlocked if you knock it with certain rhythm.

 In hollywood movies, people knock doors with certain rhythm to tell the people inside the room if they are teammates or enemies. Now this come true with digital solution.


more coming soon..

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I start doing this series experiment since Oct.2016, and I would keep doing it. 

These projects were quite easy to be implemented, what you need is innovation instead of rich engineering skills. The process of doing this also inspired me to design courses or toolkits for kid's technical education, to teach kid's how to DIY things and empower their creativity.

If you are interested in this, please feel free to contact me.